Gerard Schlosser’s Intimate, Hyperrealistic Paintings of the Body

Gerard Schlosser - woman's torso with trees in background

Note: Contains nudity.

Gerard Schlosser is a French artist who paints hyperrealistic images of body parts. He takes photographs and then isolates a part of the scene, such as an exposed breast or waist. Each painterly fragment is mysterious, and Schlosser has a way of instilling intimacy into surprising places. What is left outside the frame is filled in by the viewer’s own memories of stillness, contemplation, and connection.

Gerard Schlosser - woman's torso Gerard Schlosser - woman's torso Gerard Schlosser - intimate figures lying side by side Gerard Schlosser - woman lying in bed with cat Gerard Schlosser - woman wearing blouse Gerard Schlosser - man and woman side by side Gerard Schlosser - exposed breast
Images © Gerard Schlosser

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February 10, 2016 Art Color Hyperreal Painting