Discomfort and Beauty: Dark Sculptures by Colin Christian

Colin Christian, Teeth, front view - face with teeth breaking through skin

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers.

Colin Christian is a London-born, US-based sculptor known for making playful, doll-like sculptures inspired by science fiction, electronic music, anime, and more. Since 2014, Christian’s works have delved into the darker territories of phobias and the erotic occult. It started with a series of sculptures exploring Trypophobia—that is, the fear of irregularly shaped holes. Christian carved into the sculpted faces, inserting masses of teeth into the wounds. More recently, Christian has been exploring the crossroads of sex and black magic in his work, as seen in the sculptures “Stricken” and “The Smokin Goat of Mendes.” Whether it’s a face erupting into worms or a mischievous goat with genitalia fused to its skull, Christian has an uncanny way to deconstruct beauty and blend it with feelings of unease.

Colin Christian, Stricken - sculpted face with black branches coming out eye sockets Colin Christian, Squirm - doll face with worms bursting out eyes Colin Christian, Smokin Goat of Mendes - goat head sculpture with genitals on head Colin Christian, Teeth, front view - face with teeth breaking through skin Colin Christian, Trypophobia - deconstructed doll face with teeth growing inside Colin Christian, Alive - sculpture of face with eye filled with worms Colin Christian, Grin - smiling both with wound growing teeth
Images © Colin Christian

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