Censored Pictures by Chinese Artist Ren Hang

woman upside down over a palm tree leave

Note: Contains nudity.

Just like Robert Mapplethorpe and Terry Richardson, Ren Hang is not afraid to photograph vaginas, erected penises and other body parts that naturally form the human body. People are born into this world naked and that’s exactly how they’ll be captured in his snapshots. He doesn’t pre-plan any of the scenes prior to the shoot, it just occurs in real time; for example a model may be urinating out of necessity and he just takes the shot. But with the amount of nudity on display, his work is expressly forbidden in galleries in his native China.

women forming a circle. photography tulip over female body man peeing in bushes. artistic photography four hands in black hair, photography girl hugging man in forest peacock and woman white flowers over boy's eyes, portrait trio hugging, black hair
Photos © Ren Hang.

Via Vice
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July 15, 2015 Art Photography