The Provocative Bondage Photography of Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki, woman in dress wearing chain collar and leash

Note: Contains nudity and sexual references.

Nobuyoshi Araki is a photographer known for his provocative photographs of sexuality and Kinbaku-bi, the art of Japanese bondage. For decades, Araki’s work has been the subject of controversy, pulled between the categories of art, erotica, and pornography. While his work may cause discomfort for some viewers, his compositions are remarkably powerful; he shoots mostly in black and white using a high flash, which causes dark shadows to accentuate the body as it resists and succumbs to the restraints. Whether lying prone or suspended above tatami mat floors, his subjects exude an intriguing combination of sensuality and sensitivity mixed with power and control.

Nobuyoshi Araki, Kinbaku-bi, woman suspended in ropes


Nobuyoshi Araki, woman tied in ropes


Nobuyoshi Araki, Kinbaku-bi, woman suspended in ropes



Nobuyoshi Araki, Kinbaku-bi, woman suspended and twisting in ropes

Nobuyoshi Araki, woman tied up on floor

Images © Nobuyoshi Araki