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Marina Abramovic Pushes the Limits of Performance Art

Artists have been known to stretch the limits of artmaking to limits unimaginable by most of us. Whether it’s punching paint onto the canvas with boxing gloves, preserving animals in formaldehyde and suspending them in glass tanks, using humble needlecraft to represent birth in all its glory, or making elaborate collages out of drugs and […]

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Scene360 Picks the Top 10 Reader Submissions of 2017

Scene360 has made it our ongoing mission to highlight the world’s most unusual and striking artistic creations, supporting these remarkable makers by sharing their work with readers worldwide. One exciting way that we do this is through the annual Scene360 Awards competition, and we’ve just selected our top 10 submissions of 2017—including the overall winner! […]

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Darkly Expressive Portraits of Dancers by Alessandro Risuleo

Alessandro Risuleo is an Italian photographer. With more than twenty years of experience as an art director and advertiser, he is the founder of Visual Creative Studio. When he discovered photography as a means of creative expression, Risuleo was quickly drawn to “the expressiveness of the naked body [and] the use of lighting and shadows,” […]

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Gothic, Romantic Hand-Painted Photographs by Katie Eleanor

Katie Eleanor is a storyteller and photographic artist based in London. Inspired by literature, costume art, performance, and Victorian illustration, her work is dreamy, poetic, and filled with indescribable emotion. She hand-paints each photograph. Wearing powdered wigs, white makeup, and gauzy veils, the figures resemble nineteenth-century monarchs suspended in private states of reverie and despair; […]

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Disability Artists Fostering Narratives of Acceptance & Adaptation

All around the world, artists with physical and developmental disabilities are using their art practices to share their experiences and produce raw and exciting new narratives of acceptance and adaptation. Throughout the history of art, however, disability has not always been represented favorably or ethically. As Claire Cunningham—a choreographer and dancer who was born with […]

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Animals Being Human: Photography by Darren Holmes

In “Animals Being Human,” photographer Darren Holmes captures people in the liminal space between rationality and physicality—that is, between humanity and animality. The sets resemble something from a child’s room, with messily painted props and a general state of disarray, and the models—their bodies painted or cardboard-clad—embody an ambiguous playfulness that is both innocent and […]

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Hideous, Terrible, Magical Body: An Interview with Olivier de Sagazan

In the middle of the movie “Samsara” (2011), a nicely dressed man appears behind a desk. He quickly begins plastering his face with clay and paint, building thick layers with feverish intensity. Within two minutes, his head is transformed into a grotesque death mask, which he impales and tears open, only to rebuild and destroy […]