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Erotic Line Work Tattoos by Silly Jane

Silly Jane, Tattoo - reflection of woman's head in water

Note: Contains nudity.

Silly Jane is a travelling tattoo artist who holds a residency at BSA Tattoo in Aix-en-Provence, France. Inspired by Japanese-style art and taboo illustrations, she inks dark and sensual pieces with flawless line work. Her pensive female subjects embody an endless dreamworld, merging with water and other natural imagery. Visit Silly Jane’s Instagram to view more of her stunning work, which ventures into the realms of bondage, sex, and death.

Silly Jane, Tattoo - woman floating sideways with reflection

tattoo of a woman with blue (flowery) tattoos, side of body

lly Jane, Tattoo - woman covered with vegetation

japanese bondage tattoo

Silly Jane, Tattoo - woman emerging out of water

Silly Jane, Tattoo - woman in kimono, black ink tattoo

woman with head cut off, illustration

two women in vegetation, erotic art

nude women rolling in snakes and plants

Images © Silly Jane

Via Konbini