Women, Witchcraft and the Woods: Photography by Rik Garrett

Rik Garrett, Earth Magic - woman crawling

Note: Contains nudity.

Using old camera equipment and the nineteenth-century wet plate collodion process, American photographer Rik Garrett created “Earth Magic,” a series exploring the historical, literary, and personal connections between femininity, nature, and the occult. Alone and in groups, the women pose nude, observing arcane rites and channeling a feral beauty. The collection unveils an eternal, parallel world—a liminal space that is sustained and empowered by mythology, natural energies, and the witches’ sabbath.

Rik Garrett, Earth Magic - nude woman in forest holding branch Rik Garrett, Earth Magic - witch on log Rik Garrett, Earth Magic - witchy woman wading through water Rik Garrett, Earth Magic - three women Rik Garrett, Earth Magic - woman sitting beneath large tree Rik Garrett, Earth Magic - spectral figure in forest
Images © Rik Garrett

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