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Erotic Line Work Tattoos by Silly Jane

Note: Contains nudity. Silly Jane is a travelling tattoo artist who holds a residency at BSA Tattoo in Aix-en-Provence, France. Inspired by Japanese-style art and taboo illustrations, she inks dark and sensual pieces with flawless line work. Her pensive female subjects embody an endless dreamworld, merging with water and other natural imagery. Visit Silly Jane’s […]

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Pastel Dreams in Brooke DiDonato’s Surreal Photography

Note: Contains slight nudity. The works of photographer Brooke DiDonato are minimalistic and surreal, exploring the human psyche through subtly mind-bending images. Her new series “Roses” depicts colorful flowers melting down bare skin, emanating a sense of heartbreak and alienation. Using careful selections of lighting, color, and symbolic props, DiDonato transforms passive nude bodies into […]

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Passion, Fragmentation, and Nachos: Interview with Artist Witchoria

Victoria Siemer‚ÄĒknown online and through her personal artwork as Witchoria‚ÄĒ is a New York-based graphic designer who in her spare time makes otherwordly digital art. While studying design at SUNY Buffalo, Siemer immersed herself in the ideas of emotional fragmentation and ‚Äúfragmentation of the self.‚ÄĚ Since then, her work has evolved into surreal photo manipulations […]

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Passion and Performance in Christopher Pew’s Surreal Oil Paintings

Note: Contains nudity. In an oil series tilted “8,” Canadian artist Christopher Pew paints shadowy, dystopic scenes imbued with symbolism. Inhabiting the images is a cast of ambiguous characters; stark-nude, masked, and garbed in white, they are bound together by a scarlet scarf, signifying a fidelity of blood and sacrifice in the barren lands. Moving […]

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Motelscape: A Surreal Full-Room Critique of Fantasy and Commodified Desires

As part of last year‚Äôs Art Basel Miami Beach, multimedia artists Marina Fini, Signe Pierce, Sierra Grace, and Sydney Krause created ‚ÄúMotelscape,‚ÄĚ an otherworldly full-room installation located in a love suite of the Miami Princess Hotel. Every object was specifically designed to convey a sense of replicated and illusory reality, such as the translucent plexiglass […]

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Mirrors and Eroticism: The Photography of Alva Bernadine

Note: Contains nudity. Although he never set out to be an erotic art photographer, Alva Bernadine is currently well-known for his provocative and sublime imagery within this genre. His latest series shows snapshots of nude women (posing and touching themselves to reach orgasmic ecstasy) reflected in round mirrors. And because the mirrors were so small, […]

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Walking on a Sea of Clouds

Adrienn Balask√≥ is a photographer with a real gift for utilising mirror imagery and symmetry in her work. She¬†manifests this style usually¬†in the form of water, which can involve trees, birds or humans reflected in the calm surface. Lose yourself in the serene, peaceful atmosphere that she generates, one touched with a surreal, illusionary exterior. […]

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The Magically Disappearing Barn

The radical, ideas based design studio STPMJ have a distinguished past of generating inspired projects which defy characterization. Here you can see their latest venture:¬†an invisible barn created for the Architectural League‚Äôs Folly Competition, including concept designs. Built at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, NY, this looks like a magical place to spend an […]

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The See-through Cabin in the Desert

American artist Phillip K. Smith III has made use of a 70 year old shack for an art installation he calls “Lucid Stead.” Placing mirrors on the outside walls and LED lighting on the inside‚ÄĒit is a magical spectacle during the day when the Joshua Tree landscape reflects on the surfaces, and at night the […]

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Nature Explorers

There are so many gorgeous photos in Jared Chambers‚Äô portfolio, that it is difficult to choose a small number to share with you. His pictures are sharp and captivating that it will feel like you are present in each location. He is definitely a photographer to keep an eye on, and it would be great […]