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Self-Proclaimed “Creepster” Rachel Dreimiller Has a Gift for Spooky Embroidery

Rachel Dreimiller’s online moniker is “Spooky Ghoul” and she describes herself as a “Gothic Granny” and “creepster.” Her embroidery art is heavy on skulls and bony hands, a juxtaposition that turns a typically homey medium modern and edgy. The artist herself is equally contradictory; along with a love of zombies and Poe, she’s borderline obsessed […]

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Passion, Fragmentation, and Nachos: Interview with Artist Witchoria

Victoria Siemer—known online and through her personal artwork as Witchoria— is a New York-based graphic designer who in her spare time makes otherwordly digital art. While studying design at SUNY Buffalo, Siemer immersed herself in the ideas of emotional fragmentation and “fragmentation of the self.” Since then, her work has evolved into surreal photo manipulations […]