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Eerie, Disintegrating Bodies by Yuichi Ikehata

Yuichi Ikehata is an artist born and based in Chiba, Japan. In a series titled “Fragment of Long Term Memory (LTM),” Ikehata sculpts human bodies (or body parts) using wire, clay, and paper. Next, he photographs the sculpture and digitally adds in skin, hair, eyes, and other features. The final image is so seamless that […]

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Beauty and Disarray: Body Sculptures by Monica Piloni

Monica Piloni is a Brazilian artist exploring the body through surreal sculptures. By blending the beauty of human forms with elements of the grotesque—conjoined torsos, missing faces, and disembodied parts—her work seeks to ignite a response in the viewer, allowing them to see the body in ways it has never been seen before. “Anguish my […]

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Frank Plant’s Line Drawings Converted to Welded Metal Sculptures

Frank Plant is an American artist currently living and working in the warmer climate of Barcelona, Spain. He actually began working with steel while studying at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and was instantly fascinated with the material due to its durability, and “secondly but of no less importance the tools and techniques […]

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Flexible Fork and Other Ultra-Modern Tableware by James Stoklund

Can you imagine a cognac glass that can Twerk? Yeah, you read accurately; from a drinking glass with cute buttocks to utensils with bite marks, designer James Stoklund has been creating interesting stainless steel, silicone, and glass items for you to use in the kitchen or during a dinner party. Top: “Fork,” a flexible fork […]

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Flattened Fiats: Ron Arad Crushes Cars into Industrial Sculptures

Ron Arad’s wall-mounted car sculptures mesmerize as they play between two and three dimensions. His current exhibition contains six beautifully crushed retro Fiats that he appropriately titles “Pressed Flowers.” The model Arad uses, the Fiat 500c Giardiniera, was not only his family’s first car, but also the vehicle that his father almost died in, from […]

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Human Evolution in the Computerized Era

“Voronoid” is a digital art series by Nastplas, a Spanish studio founded by illustrator Fran R. Learte and creative director Natalia Molinos. Their personal project relates to how technology is part of our lives, and how that impacts and transforms us. Nastplas used metal textures to create a nostalgic feel of machinery reminiscent of the Industrial […]

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What Do You See on the Cylindrical Mirror?

Last year, I had featured the incredible mirror sculptures of Jonty Hurwitz. His art pieces have been a big success on the web—published in a 100 blogs and receiving over 5 million views. The artist has continued to work on new projects from 3-D prints to wax and resin art, however, what stands out is […]

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Gorgeous Floor Installations

To create these patterned carpets, Dutch artist Suzan Drummen used diverse materials like mirrors, precious stones, metal pieces, and more. Each object is meticulously hand-placed and requires a bit of skill in the game of Twister to reach certain areas of the floor. Photos © Suzan Drummen My Amp Goes to 11

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Extraordinary Mirror Illusions by Jonty Hurwitz

With an engineering degree under his belt, Jonty Hurwitz has learnt how to combine his two passions: science and art. Each one of his mirror anamorphoses “is a study on the physics of how we perceive space, and is the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and algorithms.” [1] Hurwitz makes an abstract object and projects […]

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Musical Weapons

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes has given a second life to used military arms by transforming them into musical instruments. In just two weeks’ time, he has worked with six other musicians to alter confiscated armaments into a functional 50-piece orchestra. You can watch the video within post to see the making of a guitar, flute, […]