Food & Drinks Photography Portraits

Edu Monterio’s Gross Junk Portraits

Edu Monteiro is a photographer and visual artist whose work is focused on researching the relationship between photography and performance. His portraits possess an air of theatricality and feel like a performance art piece. Intended to shock and invoke strong reactions in the viewer, they work because Monteiro doesn’t hold anything back. Disgusting and marvellous at […]

Art Food & Drinks Hyperreal Painting

Eric Wert’s Beautiful Still Lifes of Fruit and Vegetables

Vibrant colored foods contrast against muted tapestry backgrounds. This is what we see in Eric Wert’s Flemish-inspired still lifes created with a palette of oil paintings and hyperrealist patience. An admirer and academic of fine arts, Wert has been exhibiting his work in numerous galleries in the US, and this year, has a group show […]

Art Food & Drinks Miniature Painting Recycled

Hasan Kale’s Miniature Food Paintings from 2015

A really interesting micro painting by Hasan Kale is the chocolate square displayed here. This artist from Istanbul is overcoming every food art challenge known to man. He’s drawn on all types of fruits and nuts to even delicate sugar cubes, and  now he’s doing a few images on paper, but, painting with coffee and […]

Design Food & Drinks Illusion

The Visual Trickery of Lernert & Sander

Lernert & Sander are a Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam. Their work touches on many creative practises from experimental filmmaking through to fashion editorials. The pair have been collaborating together since 2007 and have built up an enviable client list in the worlds of advertising, photography and fashion. A witty sense of humour sits comfortably […]

Design Food & Drinks Posters

DuPont Shows Us Mysterious Doorways Into Foods

A castle made of whole-grain bread, a circus tent in dim-sum flavor… a visually playful print campaign by Ogilvy & Mather New York and production studio Ars Thanea for DuPont Nutrition & Health, which highlights ingredients (and more) that go inside various foods. “It’s not just the physical ingredients that make food taste better and last […]

Ads Off Food & Drinks Photography

Food and Sex: Photography by Sarah Bahbah

Note: Contains nudity. Photographer Sarah Bahbah has hit on a seductive mix for her latest project “Sex and Takeaway” by combining the indulgent pleasure of stuffing your face with junk food and being stark naked while doing it. She incorporates some lovely visual flourishes including a bag of McDonald’s french fries covering a women’s reproductive organs. Images […]

Art Erotic Food & Drinks

Adult Only Lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday: a collection of erotic lollipops fashioned in bright colours, which hold nothing back in terms of the sexual content. These are the works of artist Massimo Gammacurta—brilliantly titled “KamaSugar.” As satirical pieces of candy-based art, they are pretty amazing. All photos © Massimo Gammacurta Via Behance

Art Food & Drinks Photography Portraits

Photographing Junk Food in a Heavenly Light

In our gluttonous society full of consumerism, it is easy to see how junk food could be viewed in a God-like way. This is a theme which German photographer Rebecca RĂĽtten has taken as the basis for her project, “Contemporary Pieces,” wherein she composes and lights her very modern subjects in the style of the Old […]

Art Food & Drinks Recycled Sculpture

Tisha Cherry’s Oreo Cream Art

I was quite amazed with Judith G. Klausner’s Oreo Cameo art (back in 2011), and now I have found another artist who is also having fun sculpting with Oreo cream: Tisha Cherry. From The Great Wave off Kanagawa to a closeup of The Creation of Adam, Cherry is going full force with a food art […]

Art Color Food & Drinks Recycled Typography

Eye-Catching Eye Candy Typography

There’s nothing more eye-catching then colourful candy. And you don’t have to be a small child to enjoy this inspiring typographic project by Dutch creative director Patrick Simons. The images published here, which include behind-the-scenes shots of Simons’ process, give a profound insight into this sweet toothed experiment. A little child-like whimsy goes a long […]