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Interview with Tattoo Goddess Ryan Ashley Malarkey

In just a few years Ryan Ashley Malarkey has soared to international fame by winning the 2016 “Ink Master” and starring on the 2017 reality show, “Ink Master: Angels.” In 2018 she was the most sought-after tattooist—headlining conventions in many countries including the United States, Mexico, England, Spain—and on the cover of top magazines Tattoo […]

Philip Ob Rey Contructs Giant, Humanoid Omens out of VHS Tape

“Humantropy” is a word coined by artist Philip Ob Rey to describe the decline of civilization in an age of renewed chaos. To explore this concept, Ob Rey constructed spectral giants made out of VHS tape and found natural objects (feathers, stones, and seaweed) and photographed them in the frozen, brooding plains of Iceland. Each […]

Jim Lambie’s Art Show @ Fruitmarket Gallery

Glasgow visual artist and Turner Prize nominee Jim Lambie is currently in the midst of a retrospective at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. The first thing that strikes you about Lambie’s work and the exhibition is his striking use of colour. Along the whole of the upstairs gallery space, snaking across the gallery floor is “Zobop” […]