Art Mixed Media Portraits Recycled

Old Paintbrushes Transformed into Beautiful Works of Art

Looking at Rebecca Szeto’s “Paintbrush Portraits” will instantly make you think: 17th century art. This San Francisco-based artist was inspired by a Velázquez painting (“La Infanta Margarita”[1653-54]), which you can see how similar the silhouette of the girl is (here and here) in relation to a wide paintbrush. Szeto used old brushes, ones that she […]

Art Food & Drinks Recycled Sculpture

Tisha Cherry’s Oreo Cream Art

I was quite amazed with Judith G. Klausner’s Oreo Cameo art (back in 2011), and now I have found another artist who is also having fun sculpting with Oreo cream: Tisha Cherry. From The Great Wave off Kanagawa to a closeup of The Creation of Adam, Cherry is going full force with a food art […]

Art Color Food & Drinks Recycled Typography

Eye-Catching Eye Candy Typography

There’s nothing more eye-catching then colourful candy. And you don’t have to be a small child to enjoy this inspiring typographic project by Dutch creative director Patrick Simons. The images published here, which include behind-the-scenes shots of Simons’ process, give a profound insight into this sweet toothed experiment. A little child-like whimsy goes a long […]

Art Miniature Painting Recycled

Micro Paintings on Objects

The miniature paintings of Turkish artist Mesut Kul are a wonder to behold. In many ways his work can be seen as a sister piece to Hasan Kale, an artist who works in a similar style. Kul can take any household object, no matter how small, and find a way to paint something extraordinary inside […]

Art Lego Recycled Sculpture

5 Great Lego Creators

When most of us think of Lego, we remember a childhood spent sat on the living room floor creating multicoloured and structurally unsound homesteads. We remember spaceships and castles and cottages and sculpted gardens, and we enjoy the happy breath of nostalgia before continuing with our block-free adult lives. For some people though, Lego is […]

Art Painting Recycled

10 Remakes of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”

Grant Wood submitted his painting “American Gothic” to a competition at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the judges disregarded it as a “comic valentine.” But a museum patron convinced the Art Institute to keep the art piece, and today it remains there for the public to see. It is currently one of the most […]

Art Food & Drinks Photography Recycled

A Miniature World Full of Delicious Possibilities

The minuscule world of household objects and different kinds of colourful food are the setting for a unique style of photography by William Kass. In this place watermelons are converted into a burial site, oranges are used to catch some sun rays and potato chips become waves for a rafting expedition. A remarkable and visually stimulating project […]

Art Food & Drinks Miniature Painting Recycled

A Turkish Cityscape Incredibly Painted on Chocolate

You may have seen some of Hasan Kale’s micro paintings on butterflies and snail shells, but this year he seems to be focusing more on food. Like every small edible thing from fruit seed to peanut is painted on. The landscapes are depictions of his native Istanbul, from the Nusretiye Mosque illustrated on a half-peeled […]

Art Color Patterns Recycled

Dutch Artist Creates Bling Carpet Art

Inspired by wallpaper and the beautiful tulip fields of The Netherlands, this native Suzan Drummen uses all sorts of shiny objects from crystals to mirrors to make these colorful art installations. She pins the items on the wall or places them loosely on the floor. The images displayed here are from two new projects: an […]

Art Food & Drinks Recycled

A Dash of Culinary Art

Feeling hungry? If not you sure will after gazing upon the lyrical beauty of Lauren Purnell‘s culinary delights. This food artist can create anything with the help of some vegetables or fruit, crafted into sublime shapes and designs. These include a bed of tulips, a hummingbird in mid flight and a sunflower in full bloom. […]