elaborate colored carpet art by suzan drummen

Dutch Artist Creates Bling Carpet Art

elaborate colored carpet art by suzan drummen

Inspired by wallpaper and the beautiful tulip fields of The Netherlands, this native Suzan Drummen uses all sorts of shiny objects from crystals to mirrors to make these colorful art installations. She pins the items on the wall or places them loosely on the floor. The images displayed here are from two new projects: an exhibit at Gallery Maurits van de Laar and an art piece made for a Hong Kong shopping mall. Also view her decorative carpets from 2012.

close-up of colored circles, suzan drummen

2014 installation by suzan drummen

art installation 2014 by suzan drummen

close-up of suzan drummen's art

circular patern art by suzan drummen

materials that suzan drummen uses

Images 1 – 4, "2014 Installation" by Christie van der Haak and Suzan Drummen.
Images 5 – 6, "2014 Commission Hong Kong" by Suzan Drummen. 
Image 7 – 8, metallic crystals used in Drummen's work.

Photos © Eric de Vries and Suzan Drummen