Old Paintbrushes Transformed into Beautiful Works of Art

infante magarita, paintbrush portrait by Rebecca Szeto

Looking at Rebecca Szeto’s “Paintbrush Portraits” will instantly make you think: 17th century art. This San Francisco-based artist was inspired by a Velázquez painting (“La Infanta Margarita”[1653-54]), which you can see how similar the silhouette of the girl is (here and here) in relation to a wide paintbrush. Szeto used old brushes, ones that she collected over the years as a way of cleaning up the environment as so many people were throwing them out. And her method of recycling them, is absolutely brilliant!

paintbrush portrait by Rebecca Szeto oild recycled paintbrush, portrait
girl with the pearl earring, paintbrush portrait by Rebecca Szeto lady in blue, paintbrush portrait by Rebecca Szeto mary and baby,paintbrush portrait by Rebecca Szeto geisha, paintbrush portrait by Rebecca Szeto
Photos © Rebecca Szeto

Via Colossal and The Guardian
Adriana de Barros

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