Art Lego Recycled Sculpture

5 Great Lego Creators

When most of us think of Lego, we remember a childhood spent sat on the living room floor creating multicoloured and structurally unsound homesteads. We remember spaceships and castles and cottages and sculpted gardens, and we enjoy the happy breath of nostalgia before continuing with our block-free adult lives. For some people though, Lego is […]

Art Disturbing Painting Special Feature

10 Disturbing Artistic Creations

Normally, if we’re in one of those masochistic moods where we want to feel the cold fingers of terror, we naturally turn to cinema or literature. Settling down to watch “The Shining” for the seventeenth time, or jumping into some Lovecraft can usually scratch that particular (and peculiar) itch. Rarely do we turn to visual […]