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“Stop Saying Sorry as a Shortcut” and Other Hard Truths by Sophie King

Contemporary artist Sophie King is exposing the flaws of the character perspective on women vs men and popping hard pills to swallow through the art of embroidery. She has been making waves on Instagram with her bold messages often emblazoned on fabric, sometimes flowers or pumpkins. The British artist is one of the many female […]

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Expressive Calligraphy by Dima AbraKadabra

Written words are arbitrary symbols, bearing no resemblance to the things they represent. However, the Saint Petersburg–based graphic designer/calligraphy artist known as Dima AbraKadabra is challenging this by shaping words to represent the signified action or feeling. Featured here is a series called “Integrate,” which consists of various adjectives and verbs that look as they […]

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New Calligraphy Murals and Futuristic Fashion by Pokras Lampas

Pokras Lampas is no stranger to our magazine—we’ve featured his mind-blowing calligraphy before, such as his 2015 “Calligraphy on Girls” series. However, this Russian artist’s versatility knows no bounds, as he has been exploding (further) into the worlds of mural art and fashion. The cover image is from his latest project, where he painted a […]

Abstract Art Color Embroidery Typography

Typography Bursts Through Abstract Embroidery

Did you ever expect embroidery to encourage you to “Rise up!” or “Give Hell”? Valeria Molinari’s typographical hoop art fuses the power of language with bright and textural abstract designs. Colorful non-representational shapes—created with thread as well as beading—are carved away by empowering script. “Most of my work is inspired by my activism and the […]

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Get 30 Fonts for Just $29 with The Gigantic Font Bundle (A 98% Savings)

A great font is like that shirt you love to wear—no matter what you pair it with, it always look good. Of course, you want some variety in your wardrobe, so why should that be any different with fonts? MightyDeals is now offering the GIGANTIC Font Bundle that features 30 fonts for $29. It’s an […]

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Bold, Text-Heavy Tattoos by Luxiano Street Classic Will Not Be Ignored

Traveling tattoo artist Luxiano Street Classic has only been working for a few short years, but his bold style has made striking impression with people around the world. The designs are a riff on the American Traditional aesthetic, but skip the shading and go for solid shapes. They incorporate mask-like imagery of skulls, devils, and […]

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An Analysis of Quentin Tarantino’s Visual Trademarks and Film Inspirations

Quentin Tarantino is the director who shook up 1990s American cinema, defined an era and re-established the notion of “cool movies.” A former video store clerk, he lived, breathed and dreamed movies. The guy is a walking talking encyclopaedia of cinema history. Tarantino loves talking about films as much as he loves making them. After […]

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17 Great Lettering Artists to Check Out

There are a lot of lettering artists out there with different styles. Everyone has their own way of creating type. Often it begins with drawing and sketching some glyphs on paper, and then copying from famous designers until finding a unique style. And it takes a lot of time and practice to become a real […]

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Cyla Costa’s Elegant Lettering on Paper, City Streets, and Storefronts

From sign paintings to script-style logotypes, Brazilian artist Cyla Costa has been busy in the last few years working for various clients. She has also collaborated with lettering artists Cristina Pagnoncelli and Jackson Alves on murals in Brewerytown, Philadelphia and Brooklyn, New York. And recently worked on a massive outdoor piece for the 2015 Brazilian […]

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Odeith is Back with More Jaw-Dropping Anamorphic Graffiti

Odeith is one of the best 3D graffitists in the world. It takes skills and commitment—like 30 years of spray painting to get this good. This artist originally from Portugal is improving his perspective illusion techniques on each wall he fills. Focused on making us all remember his name, like Eminem did in a song; […]