Bold, Text-Heavy Tattoos by Luxiano Street Classic Will Not Be Ignored

Full back text tattoo by luxiano street classic
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Traveling tattoo artist Luxiano Street Classic has only been working for a few short years, but his bold style has made striking impression with people around the world. The designs are a riff on the American Traditional aesthetic, but skip the shading and go for solid shapes. They incorporate mask-like imagery of skulls, devils, and monsters with block text that often caps off the compositions. He focuses exclusively on this type of blackwork because its approach is best suited for the dark skin tones of Latin America where he prefers to call home.

back tattoo by luxiano street classic text-heavy back tattoo by by luxiano street cassic elaborate blackwork on backs
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
tiger tattoo, blackwork mask-like thigh tattoo by luxiano street cassic let me live, blackwork tattoo text tattoo over legs by luxiano street cassic knight, skull, blackwork on arm
Photos © Luxiano Street Classic
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