Art Body Art Erotic Nude Typography

“Calligraphy On Girls” (2015) by Pokras Lampas

Note: Contains nudity. Lettering artist Pokras Lampas has been getting his name out there—Nike commissioned him to do a live performance during Vogue’s Fashion Week in Moscow, and of course, he’s still getting much hype for his series “Calligraphy on Girls,” the latest one shown here. Blue paint, a nude model and a Christian cross […]

3D Anamorphic Art Illusion Typography

3D Illusion Lettering by Tolga Girgin

Tolga Girgin is an electronic engineer and also a calligraphist who can do marvels with a parallel pen as shown on Behance. From straightforward lettering to taking it up a notch to 3D art and perspective illusions, his work has captured the interest of many Instagram viewers who are eager to see his next ink-on-paper […]

Art Sculpture Shadow Art Typography

Bedazzling Shadow Art by Fred Eerdekens

Fred Eerdekens is a poetic sculptor that bends metal wires into abstract shapes and then projects light over them to form actual words—messages on walls. It is all about “how language and words correlate with regard to objects,” [1] he says. His art is complex and technical, yet in appearance looks so simple to make. […]

Art Design Digital Typography

Ari Weinkle’s Typographic Feelers

Ari Weinkle is a talented graphic designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. His past project “Primal” was published on Illusion, and his latest work is a typographic experiment which seeks to interpret the movement of animal appendages through the letters of the alphabet. The results are typically breathtaking, as the glossy surfaces and rainbow colours of […]

3D Art Drawing Pencil Art Typography

Hand-Drawn 3D Typography by Lex Wilson

2013 and 2014 were good years for Lex Wilson who had his 3D drawings featured all over the web, including our website. He was someone to keep your eye on, because you know, he’s going to create something even more amazing in the future. That future has arrived! His recent drawings are more complex with liquid […]

3D Design Digital Typography

The Bright 3D Typography of David McLeod

CGI artist David McLeod recently created the “New York City” lettering for Metro AR-T’s augmented reality app; you can see it animated at the bottom of the page. He is also doing a fun ongoing series exploring various synthetic fibers on Amperands (&). Other notable works are the steel cable script and the 2013 snake. […]

Art Body Art Erotic Nude Typography

Pokras Lampas’ Calligraphy on Female Nudes

Note: Contains nudity. Shown here are the latest pictures from Pokras Lampas’ ongoing series “Calligraphy on Girls.” Some of his past work, lettering on models and paper, were previously published on Illusion, and there is no doubt that Lampas is exceptional at what he does on all sorts of canvases. This St. Petersburg-based artist has […]

Art Color Food & Drinks Recycled Typography

Eye-Catching Eye Candy Typography

There’s nothing more eye-catching then colourful candy. And you don’t have to be a small child to enjoy this inspiring typographic project by Dutch creative director Patrick Simons. The images published here, which include behind-the-scenes shots of Simons’ process, give a profound insight into this sweet toothed experiment. A little child-like whimsy goes a long […]

Art Outdoors Patterns Sand Typography

Doodles and Calligraphy on Beaches

When Andrew van der Merwe began drawing designs on sand he used a stick, but the result of that was messy markings on the ground. So over the course of ten years, he has developed his own instruments to scoop sand which allow him to create crisp v-cut letters and more. You can view his […]

Advertising Anamorphic Illusion Typography Video

Apple’s Perspective Illusion Video

Just recently OK Go launched “The Writing’s on the Wall,” an incredible anamorphic-art music video which was seen by 10 million viewers. And now Apple has realized perspective illusion is cool and has also done something similar within large white rooms, just more minimalistic, polished, calmer. Maybe they should have done it outdoors or someplace […]