“Calligraphy On Girls” (2015) by Pokras Lampas

calligraphy blue and white
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Note: Contains nudity.

Lettering artist Pokras Lampas has been getting his name out there—Nike commissioned him to do a live performance during Vogue’s Fashion Week in Moscow, and of course, he’s still getting much hype for his series “Calligraphy on Girls,” the latest one shown here. Blue paint, a nude model and a Christian cross fill up the viewfinder of photographer Igor Koshelev’s camera. Makeup artist Kravchuktatyana and video director Andrey Obukhov also help out with this shoot.

pokras lampras, hand lettering on wall crossm calligraphy on girls, blue
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calligraphy on girls session 11 hand lettering on wall, calligraphy body art, lettering on body cross, crucifixion cross, crucifixion
Images and video © Pokras Lampas.

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