Pokras Lampas’ Calligraphy on Female Nudes

blue and black calligraphy on body
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Note: Contains nudity.

Shown here are the latest pictures from Pokras Lampas’ ongoing series “Calligraphy on Girls.” Some of his past work, lettering on models and paper, were previously published on Illusion, and there is no doubt that Lampas is exceptional at what he does on all sorts of canvases. This St. Petersburg-based artist has been conducting calligraphy workshops—watch and listen to (in Russian) on Vimeo.

calligraphy on girl with wild hair marker painting on body
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
black and white picture of female holding a book black calligraphy on blonde girl with blue wall
Top: A collaborative project by Pokras Lampas and Igor Koshelev.
the artist drawings on wall black calligraphy on girl woman posing with blue and black calligraphy painting letters on female body
Photos © Pokras Lampas and respective owners
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