“Stop Saying Sorry as a Shortcut” and Other Hard Truths by Sophie King

eye embroidery on rose

Contemporary artist Sophie King is exposing the flaws of the character perspective on women vs men and popping hard pills to swallow through the art of embroidery. She has been making waves on Instagram with her bold messages often emblazoned on fabric, sometimes flowers or pumpkins. The British artist is one of the many female embroidery artists who is reclaiming the art form for creative expression and social commentary.

With messages like “maybe I’m not too sensitive, maybe you’re just a dickhead?”, “you’re not a bad boy, you’re just a bad person” and “stop saying sorry as a shortcut,” the embroiderer captured the hearts of prominent publications like Vogue and even collaborated with singer-songwriter and fashion mogul Gwen Stefani. “I hope that if people choose to, they will find empowerment in wearing some of my embroideries, which are about taking back ownership over our own bodies,” King tells Vogue.

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love statements hoop art

embroidery on flower, rose

embroidery statements, feminist

you lied, love, heartbreak

maybe i'm not too sensitive, maybe you're just a dickhead

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Images © Sophie King