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“Stop Saying Sorry as a Shortcut” and Other Hard Truths by Sophie King

Contemporary artist Sophie King is exposing the flaws of the character perspective on women vs men and popping hard pills to swallow through the art of embroidery. She has been making waves on Instagram with her bold messages often emblazoned on fabric, sometimes flowers or pumpkins. The British artist is one of the many female […]

Puzzling Identity: Alma Haser’s Intriguing Paper Collage Portraits

Alma Haser is a London-based (Germany-born) artist constructing complex portraits that delve into the nuances of identity. Some of the images featured here are from her “Within 15 Minutes” series, which explores the similarities and differences between identical twins; after photographing a set of twins, Haser then makes the photos into jigsaw puzzles, switching every […]

Embroidered Breasts and Butts Challenge the Notion of “Beautiful Bodies”

Note: Contains nudity. “I love bodies,” Sally Hewett writes in an artist statement. “And it is not the conventionally beautiful bodies that take my eye, it is bodies which show their history, that have been altered by their experiences, that are decorated with bruises, scars, spots, stretch marks, freckles, pigmentation, veins.” She recreates sections of […]

From Taboo to Mainstream: Tattoo Art in Illustration, Ceramics, and Embroidery

As tattoos transition from a once taboo practice into one that’s socially acceptable, artists are implementing elements of this timeless body art into their work. In illustrations, ceramics and embroideries, tattoos have two primary focuses: one is purely decorative and adds a special flair to the subject or object. The other takes a conceptual approach, […]

10 Artists Who Contemporize the Ancient Craft of Embroidery

Embroidery is a timeless craft that transcends cultures and geography, having been found as early as the 30,000 BC in Russia, 3500 BC in China… Although it started as a way to tailor and mend clothing, techniques were developed and opened up the possibilities for decorative stitching. As time went on, tapestries became increasingly sophisticated […]

10 Best Illustrators of 2015

Illustration encompasses many areas of our visual culture. It’s the picture on your coffee cup and a clever advertisement you see while going to work. Illustration is in books, magazines, and accompanies articles online. With so much illustration in the world, there’s a lot of mediocre images out there. But, the cream rises to the […]

Embroidered Illustrations by Ann Khokhlova are a Sea of Stitches

Embroidery might seem like an odd choice for use in editorial illustration, but Ann Khokhlova proves that it can be a stunning sight. Her series for The Prime Russian Magazine showcases the beauty of thread and needle, as seas of stitches produce highly-textured compositions. These tiny marks are sewn in different directions, creating the illusion […]