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Geometry of the Soul: Tattoos by Brit Artist Paul Goodwin

Like many new school tattooers, Paul Goodwin (aka “Offline”) studied fine arts at university before making the change to becoming a tattoo artist in 2015. He explains that his studies helped him view art in a broader manner and enabled him to express himself deeper and with more sincerity. Goodwin’s abstract blackwork is formed by […]

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“Stop Saying Sorry as a Shortcut” and Other Hard Truths by Sophie King

Contemporary artist Sophie King is exposing the flaws of the character perspective on women vs men and popping hard pills to swallow through the art of embroidery. She has been making waves on Instagram with her bold messages often emblazoned on fabric, sometimes flowers or pumpkins. The British artist is one of the many female […]

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The Freehanded Blackwork of Curly Moore

Tattooist Andreas “Curly” Moore has 95% of his body tattooed, including his partner Jacqui—together they are considered the “Most tattooed couple in Britain.” The artist has even used a mirror to ink his ear and other body parts. He’s been working in the tattoo field for over 20 years and has been on such high […]

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An Interview with Sophie Brown, a Rising Star on the UK Tattoo Scene

At twenty-two Sophie Brown, from Warrington, Cheshire, a town in England situated between famous cities Liverpool and Manchester, is a promising artist on the UK tattoo art scene. In a short space of time, she has won several prizes and had work featured in Total Tattoo magazine. Sophie is also my cousin. Despite our shared […]

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Infamous Erotic Moments in British Cinema

This may seem like a strange cinematic area for the British to be involved in. I mean we’re just so very repressed and uptight about nudity, are we not? Not like those liberated French across the channel with their constant parade of body parts for the world to see. While we are no longer living […]

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10 Visually Stunning British Films

From “The Red Shoes” to “The Third Man” British cinema has always displayed a particular visual flair. It does not matter whether filmmakers are shooting grey council blocks or a desolate field at day break, they manage to capture the often melancholy beauty displayed on these islands. Focusing on films made in the United Kingdom, or by […]