Color Comics and Cartoons Miniature Tattoo

From Ceramics to Castles: The Work of Ovenlee

Ovenlee was born in 1995 in Chuncheon, the capital city of Gangwon Province in South Korea. She attended university in 2014 and studied ceramics and textiles before opting to pursue a career as a tattooer in 2018. Fascinated by the countryside’s natural beauty, she depicts it in vivid color in her tattoos. She creates fantastical […]

Color Miniature Tattoo

Ink and Lace: An Interview with Songe

Songe was born in 1999 in Seoul, South Korea, and is a young creative looking to expand her portfolio. She is often asked for color tattoos instead of black-and-gray ones, which make up the bulk of her collection. Nonetheless, she is willing to work in monochrome and diverse skin tones. One of the reasons she […]

Art Embroidery Miniature Skulls

Skeleton Embroideries Full of Life by Tinycup Needleworks

Britt Hutchinson, aka Tinycup Needleworks, has helped usher in embroidery’s renaissance over the past several years. Although the medium is commonly associated with the likes of bucolic blossoms, Hutchinson takes a darker turn and focuses on skeletons. The miniature embroideries feature intricately-stitched portraits of the bones as they interact with the land of the living. Hutchinson’s […]

3D Animals Art Birds Miniature Sculpture Skulls

Incredible Tiny Skulls Made of Fabric by Lana Crooks

Lana Crooks is a textile artist based in Chicago. At first glance, the delicate skulls she creates appear to be real, adorned with flowers and jewels and displayed in bell jars like magical specimens found in the back of a curiosity shop. Look closer, however, and you can see the intricate textures of wool and […]

Art Installations interactive Miniature Sculpture Storytelling Street Art Therapeutic

Cement Eclipses: Mini Public Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish street artist who builds miniature installations in public spaces around the world. Titled “Cement Eclipses,” his project consists of tiny clay people who interact with urban environments in ways that explore society, capitalism, and the absurdity of human existence. From homeless figurines sleeping overtop storm drains to the aftermath of […]

Art Miniature Tattoo

Delicate and Precise Tattoo Art by Mr. K

Tattoos are a luxury. That’s the opinion of Mr. K, a resident artist at Bang Bang Tattoos, New York. Formally trained at Parsons School of Design, his career evolved from corporate graphic design to streetwear fashion, before picking up a tattoo machine last year. A lover of fine art, some of his first works were […]

Art Body Art Miniature Tattoo

Miniature Tattoo Scenes by Eva Krbdk

Turkish artist Eva Krbdk wants to hold the world in her hands, literally. She loves to paint big ideas with the tiniest brushstrokes. Loyal Illusionists may remember her work from last year’s “10 Tattooers to Look Out For in 2015.” Since then, she’s grown by shrinking things down. “Tiny tattoos heal the same way as […]

Art Disturbing Erotic Experimental Miniature Photography Storytelling Weird

The Morbid, Erotic Doll Photography of Mariel Clayton

Note: Contains violence and sexual references. Mariel Clayton takes humorous, erotic, and often disturbing photographs of dolls. Inspired by an encounter in a Tokyo toy shop, her images are staged within miniature rooms, inserting a peculiar mix of bawdiness and ultra-violence into seemingly innocent domestic scenes. The dolls’ fixed smiles and outrageous acts poke fun […]

Art Food & Drinks Miniature Painting Recycled

Hasan Kale’s Miniature Food Paintings from 2015

A really interesting micro painting by Hasan Kale is the chocolate square displayed here. This artist from Istanbul is overcoming every food art challenge known to man. He’s drawn on all types of fruits and nuts to even delicate sugar cubes, and  now he’s doing a few images on paper, but, painting with coffee and […]

Architecture Art City Miniature Photography

High Above the Skyscrapers with Navid Baraty

To be accorded such a stunning bird’s eye view over a great metropolis is a dazzling gift. So we should all thank photographer Navid Baraty who has scaled the skyscrapers of New York and shot these images for us. It really makes one feel rather small when faced with such a different perspective of the […]