Category: Miniature

The Morbid, Erotic Doll Photography of Mariel Clayton

Note: Contains violence and sexual references. Mariel Clayton takes humorous, erotic, and often disturbing photographs of dolls. Inspired by an encounter in a Tokyo toy shop, her images are staged within miniature rooms, inserting a peculiar mix of bawdiness and ultra-violence into seemingly innocent domestic scenes. The dolls’ fixed smiles and outrageous acts poke fun […]

Hasan Kale’s Miniature Food Paintings from 2015

A really interesting micro painting by Hasan Kale is the chocolate square displayed here. This artist from Istanbul is overcoming every food art challenge known to man. He’s drawn on all types of fruits and nuts to even delicate sugar cubes, and  now he’s doing a few images on paper, but, painting with coffee and […]

A Turkish Cityscape Incredibly Painted on Chocolate

You may have seen some of Hasan Kale’s micro paintings on butterflies and snail shells, but this year he seems to be focusing more on food. Like every small edible thing from fruit seed to peanut is painted on. The landscapes are depictions of his native Istanbul, from the Nusretiye Mosque illustrated on a half-peeled […]