Art Miniature Painting

365 Days in the Year. 365 Miniature Paintings.

cherry blossoms miniature painting

From tasty hot chocolate and pastries, to a classic Volkswagen Beetle and Surfer Bus, Lorraine Loots has painted a bit of everything in the course of 365 days. It is quite addictive looking at these images and trying to decide which is the best of all. There probably isn’t just one top art piece, because some are great as replicas of 3D objects and others are beautiful as flat landscapes. The fact that these watercolor paintings are coin size, makes it even better, because they are not easy to paint and most of us appreciate well-made miniature art.

galaxy and beach sun-bathing chair, miniature paintings

red rubber boots and red classic car, miniature paintings

brown cup of hot chocolate and pastries, mini paintings

birds flying and mountain and milkyway sky, miniature paintings

vw van and buggy (beetle car) miniature paintings

orange landscape andacoustic guitar, mini paintings

green bird and fountain, miniature paintings

colored houses and eyeglasses, miniature paintings

Artwork © Loraine Loots

Via Doodlers Anonymous