The Morbid, Erotic Doll Photography of Mariel Clayton

Mariel Clayton, Consumption - broken doll body in noodles
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Note: Contains violence and sexual references.

Mariel Clayton takes humorous, erotic, and often disturbing photographs of dolls. Inspired by an encounter in a Tokyo toy shop, her images are staged within miniature rooms, inserting a peculiar mix of bawdiness and ultra-violence into seemingly innocent domestic scenes. The dolls’ fixed smiles and outrageous acts poke fun at consumerism, artificiality, and the ordinariness of suburban life; other scenes are more playful and candid in their depictions of sex. As Clayton states on her website, her work “isn’t for everyone,” but it will keep you looking; every stray wine glass or scrap of bloody plastic flesh has been placed to help tell the story.

Mariel Clayton - dominatrix doll with body in bathtub Mariel Clayton - erotic dolls in living room
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Mariel Clayton - doll in bedroom with bodies Mariel Clayton - erotic dolls in kitchen Mariel Clayton - dolls taking budoir photography Mariel Clayton - teacher doll holding back of organs Mariel Clayton, Complancey - Ken and Barbie in bathroom together Mariel Clayton - dolls burnt in bed
Images © Mariel Clayton
Hayley Evans

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