A Turkish Cityscape Incredibly Painted on Chocolate

istanbul painted on milka chocolate square
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You may have seen some of Hasan Kale’s micro paintings on butterflies and snail shells, but this year he seems to be focusing more on food. Like every small edible thing from fruit seed to peanut is painted on. The landscapes are depictions of his native Istanbul, from the Nusretiye Mosque illustrated on a half-peeled almond to another picturesque scene on a Milka square (which is my favorite). Kale keeps challenging himself to go beyond his limits and artistically conquer all tiny surfaces.

painting inside peanut shell, by Hasan Kale painting on m&m by hasan kale micro painting on melon seed, by Hasan Kale
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painting on almond by Hasan Kale painting on onion skin by hasan kale pistachio bar painted on by hasan kale micro paintings on almond and green bean, by Hasan Kale
Photos © Hasan Kale

Via Drawing Pencil
Adriana de Barros

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