embroidered skeleton portrait holding a cup

Skeleton Embroideries Full of Life by Tinycup Needleworks

Tinycup needleworks embroidery in porgress

Britt Hutchinson, aka Tinycup Needleworks, has helped usher in embroidery’s renaissance over the past several years. Although the medium is commonly associated with the likes of bucolic blossoms, Hutchinson takes a darker turn and focuses on skeletons. The miniature embroideries feature intricately-stitched portraits of the bones as they interact with the land of the living. Hutchinson’s skeletons enjoy coffee, fall in love, and wear flower crowns.

Despite this contradiction, Hutchinson finds skull and bones relatable. Influenced by emotion and conflict, she sees her embroidery as a bridge between uncomfortable emotions and acceptance. “I think that by executing difficult subjects in a manner that is traditionally and stereotypically perceived as ‘elegant,'” she explained to Creators, “it somehow makes a more difficult subject matter a little easier to confront and identify with.”

Above: Photo © Chris Dilts

Two skeletons in love

skeleton surrounded by leaves

hourglass embroidery

stitched skeleton portraits

embroidered skeleton portrait surrounded by leaves

skeleton hands with knife

embroidery of skeleton tied up

embroidered skeleton portrait holding a cup

stitched skeleton portrait surrounded by scales

Images © Tinycup Needleworks