15 Outstanding Artistic Creations Displayed at the 2015 LA Art Show

salvador dali, hyperrealist sculpture by Kazuhiro Tsuji
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Over 120 galleries from 22 countries showed their work at the 2015 LA Art Show, featuring modern, contemporary, historic, and traditional art, as well as works on paper, sculpture, and installations. Each year is more daring, more inventive, and this year was no exception.

Top: Hyperrealistic sculpture of Salvador Dali by Kazuhiro Tsuji.
blue cat painted on book covers by mike stilkey painting on book covers by mike stilkey
Painted books by Mike Stilkey.
art-la-show-2015-06 Audrey Hepburn portrait by craig allan close up of Audrey Hepburn by craig allan
Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn by Craig Alan (“People as Pixels”).
white dress by craig allan art-la-show-2015-22
“Splinter” by Craig Alan (mixed media in plexi box).
painting of man by Ray turner
Portrait on glass, by Ray Turner (from his “Population” series).
circle pattern art by damien hirst
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Tatoo book
butterfly pattern art by damien hirst
Silkscreen print with diamond dust and butterfly mandala by Damien Hirst.
portrait by gugger peter closeup of portrait by gugger peter
Folded-paper sculpture by Gugger Petter.
salvador dali, hyperrealist sculpture by Kazuhiro Tsuji andy warhol hyperrealist sculpture by Kazuhiro Tsuji
Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol by Kazuhiro Tsuji.
portrait art made from screws by andre myers portrait by andrew myers
Screw Art by Andrew Myers.
wax art painting human figure blurred, wax over painting
“Queitu” by Pezhman (Emulsion transfer w/dripped-wax encaustic).
mexican art, religious crosses on wall
Selected works from La Luz de Jesus Gallery, LA.
Skull art by Unknown Artist.
All photos by/© Stuart Balcomb.
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