Category: Pop Art

Dark Pop Art Portrait Tattoos by Andrey Volkov

Darker than Lichtenstein, more surreal than Warhol, tattooer Andrey Volkov retrofits ’60s pop with the spirit of 2017. His screenprint-esque silhouettes are coming unraveled, exhausted and alone. The dotwork may mimic halftone comic strips, but the groupings are looser, skewed and uneasy. Sometimes he even shatters the portrait itself, letting eyes and ears just float […]

Artists Who Use the Nude Figure to Tell Powerful Stories

Note: Contains nudity. Throughout history, the nude figure has been a staple of Western art. Ancient Greece was heavily focused on the subject, using it to express the ideals particularly of male beauty. With the Renaissance, the body was a revival of antiquity models, embracing humanism, religion and symbolism. Today, the naked body still acts […]

9 Illustrated Products That Delight and Surprise

Whenever we buy things, we’re making choices: about our mood, priorities, and how we want the outside world to see us. Illustrated products are a great way to express one’s unique voice. Here are 9 products that have elements of illusion and surprise to them. Their clever-yet-functional designs infuse playfulness into the everyday. The imagery and […]

15 Outstanding Artistic Creations Displayed at the 2015 LA Art Show

Over 120 galleries from 22 countries showed their work at the 2015 LA Art Show, featuring modern, contemporary, historic, and traditional art, as well as works on paper, sculpture, and installations. Each year is more daring, more inventive, and this year was no exception. Top: Hyperrealistic sculpture of Salvador Dali by Kazuhiro Tsuji. Painted books by Mike […]

Witty Pop Art Sculptures

Desire Obtain Cherish (aka Jonathan Paul) has been a key mover in the contemporary art world since the early 2000s. His delightfully satirical pop sculptures shine a mirror up to our brand obsessed society in the form of designer babies and gaudy pink poodles. With a large solo show currently on display at the Unix Gallery […]