Dystopias, Utopias, and Sexuality: Collages by Jordan Westre

Jordan Westre collage - Fear
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Vancouver-based artist Jordan Westre makes eye-catching collages that anxiously depict future utopias, the apocalypse, and female sexuality. Mixing cutouts from vintage magazines with those from pornographic and editorial materials from any decade, Westre links the values of modern society to past ones, often pulling out cross-generational similarities in regards to war and the treatment of women. While many of the collages are bright, engaging, and playful, there is often a darker subtext upon inspection; in the background are signs of apocalyptic destruction and desolation, while in the foreground, the female body erotically embodies shifting states of power and vulnerability. Together, these tension-filled images speak to fears that the world is slipping into chaos.

Jordan Westre collage - Housewife
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Tatoo book
Jordan Westre collage - Space Babe Jordan Westre collage - Wasted Jordan Westre collage - woman Jordan Westre collage - FAPS
Images © Jordan Westre
Hayley Evans

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