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Armin Blasbichler’s Taxidermy Designs Critique Consumption

Armin Blasbichler is an artist, architect, and educator whose studio explores designs built on “transgression and chance, conceptually and physically.” When he’s not making cross-shaped coffins and glowing nooses that spray water (both of which contain clever literary allusions), he can be found making works that critique unpleasant cultural trends, such as over-consumption in the […]

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Curious Rebirth: Magical Taxidermy Sculptures by Gerard Geer

Melbourne-based artist Gerard Geer resurrects road kill and other naturally deceased Australian animals by transforming their remains into beautiful skeletal articulations. Among his creations are colorful crystallized skulls, hybridized masks, taxidermy sculptures, and bell jar curiosities. Through a sensitive and creative engagement with his materials, Geer offers us a view into a world where magical […]

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Twisted Taxidermy by Emi Slade

Warning: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Emi Slade is a Michigan-based artist who creates beautifully grotesque hybrids made from taxidermied animal parts* and surrealist sculptural elements. Part nightmare, part fairy tale, Slade’s creations terrify and ignite the imagination with their gleaming eyes, spilled viscera, and rows of razor-sharp […]