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Jennifer Angus’ Spectacular Wallpaper Comprised of 5,000 Bugs

close up detail of decorative motifs made of bugs

Artist Jennifer Angus has produced a site-specific installation that lines hot pink walls with 5,000 real insects. Appropriately titled “In the Garden,” she uses their bodies to produce an intricate, ornamental wallpaper that features iridescently-colored stag beetles, cicadas, and other bugs that are the size of a human fist. Together, these southeast Asia-based creatures form skulls and decorative motifs, their shocking colors and bodies left unaltered for viewers to marvel at their wings and veins.

real bugs arranged in the shape of a skull by jennifer angus

close up of decorative bug pattern

skull, real bug, jennifer angus

entire "in the garden" installation by jennifer angus

jennifer angus installing her work on the wall

Image 2 © Transplanted Tatar.
Image 3 and 4 © Ron Cogswell.
All other photos © Ron Blunt.