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Imaginative Half-Sleeve Landscape Tattoos by Lisa Orth

Lisa Orth’s life and work is defined by the art she creates. Originally from Seattle, where she worked as the Art Director for Sub Pop records and was celebrated among the city’s queer and club scene (you can watch a documentary about her life here), she has since relocated to Los Angeles, where she focuses […]

Utopian Fairy Tale Images by Sturmideenkind

Sturmideenkind (Sina Domke) is a fine-art photographer based in Germany. The visions she composes are both mythic and poetic, featuring models garbed in ethereal robes as they interact privately with vast natural landscapes. Like utopian fairy tales, her images speak to the sensitivity and strength of the human soul, creating stories and visions of stunning […]

Solitude and Melancholia: The World of Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak is a New-York-based (Sweden-born) artist known for his minimalist, introspective, and dreamlike portraits. We’ve featured his work before, but his evocative portfolio deserves a renewed examination. Using a combination of photography and digital editing, Isak distills the soul into melancholic simplicity. Solitary figures gaze out to empty horizons bathed in moonlight, or confront […]

10 Virtual Reality Films That Show the World in a New Light

Stories are shaped by the medium used to tell them. Filmmakers in particular can take advantage of a variety of different techniques and technologies to tell their stories visually and auditorily. As new technologies are developed so too do the creative possibilities change. It is disputed exactly how long virtual reality as a concept has […]

10 Fascinating Photographers to Follow on Instagram

When Instagram launched in October 2010, it was billed as an app for photo sharing and championed pictures captured through a lens. Within a square (and only square) frame, users could share their lives with selected filters that altered the photo like a pair of rose-colored glasses.  With the focus on photography, it’s no wonder that […]

Foggy, Dream-like Visions by Martin Vlach

Martin Vlach is a conceptual photographer who adds elements of dreamy surrealism to his black-and-white digital photography. There is a feeling of mystery, grief, and curiosity that pervades his work. Like lonely revenants, people stand stiffly in fog-choked fields, their backs to the camera, seeming to hover on the edge between this world and the […]

New Immersive Fantasy Landscapes by Jakub Rozalski

We featured the work of digital artist Jakub Rozalski back in 2014, but since then he has been busy creating more immersive landscapes that combine turn-of-the-twentieth-century Polish countrysides with werewolves and robots. According to his artist’s statement, the most important aspects of his art involve creating an atmosphere and telling a story. The stories he […]

10 Inspiring Photographers Celebrating Light and Life

Light is an integral part of photography, in both a technical and creative sense. Illumination has a dramatic effect on how we interpret a photograph. Even the slightest change in its tone can alter a mood to feel warm and nostalgic, or on the conversely, cold and dark. This powerful ability enhances the themes within […]

The Skeleton Queen: Spooky Coastal Photoshoot by Rob Woodcox

In the days before Halloween, Portland-based photographer Rob Woodcox released “The Skeleton Queen,” a portrait series that tells the story of a woman and her harrowing journey to find love. A group of Woodcox’s friends gathered on the beach, where artist Chelsea Sinks painted their bodies like skeletons. Dressed in dark lace and torn rags, […]

Dark Paranormal Femininity: Photography by Nynewe

Nynewe (Michaela Knizova) is a photographer based in Luxembourg who creates ghostly self-portraits capturing what she identifies as “dark paranormal femininity.” In a multi-part series titled “Agast Atera En,” Nynewe documented her travels around Europe using creative portraiture. Posing her body in dark rural landscapes, she acts out original hybrid mythologies, drawing on archetypes and […]