Utopian Fairy Tale Images by Sturmideenkind

Sturmideenkind - Vacuum, cover

Sturmideenkind (Sina Domke) is a fine-art photographer based in Germany. The visions she composes are both mythic and poetic, featuring models garbed in ethereal robes as they interact privately with vast natural landscapes. Like utopian fairy tales, her images speak to the sensitivity and strength of the human soul, creating stories and visions of stunning beauty where otherwise there might be fear or isolation—on a windswept mountainside, for example, or the edge of a quiet lake. Nature and the elements provide feelings of solace and contemplation. View more of Sturmideenkind’s work on Flickr and Facebook.

Sturmideenkind - dance in white dress

Sturmideenkind - Ghost

Sturmideenkind - green dress

Sturmideenkind - Trichotillomania

Sturmideenkind - Intermediate World

Images © Sturmideenkind

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