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Solitude and Melancholia: The World of Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak - Illumination in the Dark, woman, braided hair, the moon, the sea

Gabriel Isak is a New-York-based (Sweden-born) artist known for his minimalist, introspective, and dreamlike portraits. We’ve featured his work before, but his evocative portfolio deserves a renewed examination. Using a combination of photography and digital editing, Isak distills the soul into melancholic simplicity. Solitary figures gaze out to empty horizons bathed in moonlight, or confront their shadow sides, unveiling the sensitive link between human lightness and darkness. Psychology (such as the theories of Carl Jung) plays an integral role in Isak’s work, offering the viewer contemplative symbols that reveal the archetypes of our unconscious selves. His worlds still the chaos of existence, allowing wisdom and true emotion to surface.

Gabriel Isak - braided hair and raven

Gabriel Isak - The Sea, covered face

Gabriel Isak - two braided hair girls and the moon

Gabriel Isak - Let Go

Gabriel Isak - Acclimatize, blue and red people, the sea

Gabriel Isak - The Shadow and the Self

Gabriel Isak - The Shadow and the Self, casting a shadow

Gabriel Isak - shadow self looking at the moon

Images © Gabriel Isak