Category: Landscape

Aesthetics of Melancholy: Poetic Photography by Natalia Drepina

The ghosts of sorrow, tragedy, and loneliness wander the dormant forests of Natalia Drepina’s photography. Based in a small city in Russia, Drepina brings her love for the silence and solitude of the countryside into her art, exploring the way twisted roots, animal bones, and rain-wet earth reflect the chilled tenderness of the soul in […]

Clouded Eyes and Dark Horizons: Photography by Karina Boissonnier

Karina Boissonnier is a Finland-based photographer who is using the camera to create her imagined world. In a beautiful series of portraits titled “An Introduction: Anna,” which are part of a larger project that she has worked hard on, Boissonnier has captured the subject (Wei Wang) in a dark natural landscape filled with creeping branches […]

From Darkness to Light: Digital Art by Mohamed Medo

Mohamed Medo is a young digital artist from Cairo who is creating vast, haunting dreamscapes. By placing tiny human silhouettes among distant landscapes and crumbling, quasi-futuristic architecture, Medo generates a sense of isolation and introspection. Death, dreams, and the loss of connection appear to be recurring themes, with titles such as “From Darkness to Light” […]

American Gothic: Eerie Visual Stories by Brendon Burton

Brendon Burton is a visual artist based in Portland whose style reflects his rural upbringing and an enduring fascination with lonely, decaying places; throughout his work, abandoned homes cower before immense backdrops of fields, hills, and storm-bruised skies. We’ve featured his work before, but here is a new series titled “American Gothic,” which reimagines the […]

Neal Grundy’s “Transient Sculptures” Appear for a Second Then are Gone

Photographer Neal Grundy captures a fleeting existence in his series titled “Transient Sculptures.” Comprising flowing fabrics among outdoor landscapes, the colorful forms appear like ghosts moving within the frame. “The image captures a fabric form in ‘mid-flight’,” Grundy writes. “The sculpture exists for a split second in time; once photographed, it is otherwise lost forever, […]

Murky, Supernatural Fantasy Artwork by Piotr Jablonski

Piotr Jablonski (a.k.a. Nicponim) is a concept artist, digital painter, and illustrator based in Poland. Primarily self-taught, his vivid and immersive work has gained him notable international clients in the gaming world, such as Wizards of the Coast and Arkane Studios. As this interview with Evermotion reveals, Jablonski derives inspiration from both everyday experiences and the works […]

Returning to the Jungle: The Artwork of Dawid Planeta

To Krakow-based artist Dawid Planeta, the jungle is a metaphor for “the mysterious world of [our] emotions”; as children, we explore the jungle with joy and curiosity, but as we age, we detach; the landscapes become alien and filled with fear. Last year, when Planeta became depressed, he turned to art. He began “Mini People,” […]

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Merge in Jakub Rebelka’s Colorful Worlds

Jakub Rebelka is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Poland creating surreal worlds using traditional and digital mediums. Each image is like a comic book frame that has been expanded into an entire story. Rebelka finds inspiration in a variety of artists, including the French comic artist Moebius and the celebrated fantasy artist Peter […]

Sleep Elevations: Peaceful Surrealism by Maia Flore

Maia Flore is a Paris-based photographer whose thought-provoking images explore the “coincidences between reality and her imagination.” Featured here is a selection for her first series, titled “Sleep Elevations,” which was inspired by the artist’s childhood memories. Blending soft, feminine imagery with surrealism, the sleeping women are gently lifted across peaceful landscapes, their bodies light […]

Alluring Modern Fairies by Fate Troppo Belle

In Italian folklore, the fate are magical beings (like fairies) who disguise themselves as humans to play dangerous tricks on people. This is the mythology that inspires the work of Fate Troppo Belle (Alina Akhmatova), a digital artist based in Milan. Using nature imagery and unusual objects, the fate she envisions are modern tricksters, often […]