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Clouded Eyes and Dark Horizons: Photography by Karina Boissonnier

Karina Boissonnier - merlockKarina Boissonnier - stormy sky

Karina Boissonnier is a Finland-based photographer who is using the camera to create her imagined world. In a beautiful series of portraits titled “An Introduction: Anna,” which are part of a larger project that she has worked hard on, Boissonnier has captured the subject (Wei Wang) in a dark natural landscape filled with creeping branches and brooding skies. As if possessed by the same dark atmosphere that permeates the backdrop, the subject’s eyes are clouded; this motif carries on into Boissonnier’s other portraits, which merge dark surrealism (and a touch of science fiction) with tender beauty. Follow Boissonnier on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the haunting, immersive narratives she’s continuing to create.

Karina Boissonnier - Dark portrait with roses

Karina Boissonnier - forest

Karina Boissonnier - storm portrait

Karina Boissonnier - underwater

Karina Boissonnier - dark surreal portrait

Images © Karina Boissonnier

Via Noire Magazine