Neal Grundy’s “Transient Sculptures” Appear for a Second Then are Gone

Transient Sculptures, metallic, birds

Photographer Neal Grundy captures a fleeting existence in his series titled “Transient Sculptures.” Comprising flowing fabrics among outdoor landscapes, the colorful forms appear like ghosts moving within the frame. “The image captures a fabric form in ‘mid-flight’,” Grundy writes. “The sculpture exists for a split second in time; once photographed, it is otherwise lost forever, never to be re-created.” After first shooting the “Transient Sculptures” in a studio environment, he ventured outdoors. “The permanence of this environment contrasted starkly against the transience of the moving forms.”

Transient Sculptures. orange satin sheet in field

Transient Sculptures, orange sheet

Transient Sculptures, blue sheet

Transient Sculptures, gold sheet

Transient Sculptures, pink sheet in green field

Transient Sculptures, the lovers

Images © Neal Grundy