Category: Landscape

Green Northern Lights

We are in the heart of winter now, and amongst the biting storms and slushy streets it is easy to forget that this season can also possess great beauty. The spectacular Northern Lights or Aura Borealis is the personification of this, and is captured in lovely green hues by photographer Arild Heitmann. Images © Arild Heitmann […]

Phenomenal Night Skies: Photography by Lincoln Harrison

Capturing star trails in all their glory is a difficult, but an artistically fulfilling way to shoot landscapes. The photographer Lincoln Harrison is an expert at capturing this style of imagery. And while they may look like the result of extensive computer editing, they are in fact the work of patient night shooting with long […]

Mirroring the Earth

Cody William Smith is an American photographer and cinematographer. His series “A Moment’s Reflection” plays with perspective and reflection in interesting ways: by positioning a series of circular mirrors in striking landscape settings, ranging from the seas to the deserts and the mountains. It’s a simple concept, executed beautifully. Images © Cody William Smith Via […]