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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Merge in Jakub Rebelka’s Colorful Worlds

Jakub Rebelka - Andromeda

Jakub Rebelka is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Poland creating surreal worlds using traditional and digital mediums. Each image is like a comic book frame that has been expanded into an entire story. Rebelka finds inspiration in a variety of artists, including the French comic artist Moebius and the celebrated fantasy artist Peter Andrew Jones, but the world he has created is all his own; fantasy characters garbed in medieval gear merge seamlessly with sci-fi backdrops and futuristic machinery. Recognized for his style, Rebelka’s work has been featured in comic books and video games, such as The Witcher 2. Visit his ArtStation profile to see more.

Jakub Rebelka - Lost Crystal

Jakub Rebelka - Visitors from the Depths

Jakub Rebelka - Tower

Jakub Rebelka - Space Pirates

Jakub Rebelka - Morning Star

Jakub Rebelka - L A Dragon

Jakub Rebelka - Gra - wolf

Jakub Rebelka - Cure

Images © Jakub Rebelka