Alluring Modern Fairies by Fate Troppo Belle

Fate Troppo Belle - teacup apocalypse
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In Italian folklore, the fate are magical beings (like fairies) who disguise themselves as humans to play dangerous tricks on people. This is the mythology that inspires the work of Fate Troppo Belle (Alina Akhmatova), a digital artist based in Milan. Using nature imagery and unusual objects, the fate she envisions are modern tricksters, often hybridized with animals and framed by dreamy natural backdrops. Fate Troppo Belle says that her work is largely aesthetic, left up to the viewer’s interpretation. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Fate Troppo Belle - macaws Fate Troppo Belle - flamingo
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Tatoo book
Fate Troppo Belle - birds and claws portrait Fate Troppo Belle - fish eyes Fate Troppo Belle - basket face and landscape Fate Troppo Belle - alligator portrait
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