The Skeleton Queen: Spooky Coastal Photoshoot by Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox - Skeleton Queen, pile of skeletons overlooking shoreline
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In the days before Halloween, Portland-based photographer Rob Woodcox released “The Skeleton Queen,” a portrait series that tells the story of a woman and her harrowing journey to find love. A group of Woodcox’s friends gathered on the beach, where artist Chelsea Sinks painted their bodies like skeletons. Dressed in dark lace and torn rags, the model Chelsea Page posed as the weathered-but-powerful Skeleton Queen herself, and Michelle Hebert assisted with the photoshoot’s design. Like a contemporary retelling of an ageless story, Woodcox does an excellent job bringing Old-World-esque fairy-tale imagery to the haunted shores of Oregon. Unbroken by her desires and ambitious quest, the Skeleton Queen stands as a metaphorical figure of those who have survived the trials of love and found a greater personal fulfillment at the end. A behind-the-scenes video of this photoshoot is included below.

Rob Woodcox - Skeleton Queen portrait Rob Woodcox - Skeleton Queen portrait, in cave
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Rob Woodcox - Skeleton Queen, skeleton arms Rob Woodcox - Skeleton Queen, pile of skeletons
Images © Rob Woodcox

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