New Immersive Fantasy Landscapes by Jakub Rozalski

Jakub Rozalski - 1920, Secret Facility
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We featured the work of digital artist Jakub Rozalski back in 2014, but since then he has been busy creating more immersive landscapes that combine turn-of-the-twentieth-century Polish countrysides with werewolves and robots. According to his artist’s statement, the most important aspects of his art involve creating an atmosphere and telling a story. The stories he tells are often about war, industrialization, and the isolation of humankind at the edge of the frontier, here manifested as a natural threat (werewolves) as well as a futuristic one (mechs overtaking society). Rozalski says he wishes for his paintings “to commemorate this sad and tragic period in history . . . [and to] remember and honor the history, but live in the present.” Despite crossing subject genres and historical eras both real and imagined, he has created a believable world.

Jakub Rozalski - 1920, Retired Veteran Jakub Rozalski - 1920, The Watch Jakub Rozalski - 1863, Zywia Bronia Jakub Rozalski - Wolfpack, 1863 Jakub Rozalski - Werewolves, 1863 Jakub Rozalski - Very Severe Winter
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Jakub Rozalski - Dark Infantry, 1920 Jakub Rozalski - Dark Recruits Jakub Rozalski - Santa vs. Krampus Jakub Rozalski - 1920, Polanian Resistance Jakub Rozalski - 1920, Milky Way Jakub Rozalski - Colors of Autumn Jakub Rozalski - 1920 Bloody Ivan
Images © Jakub Rozalski

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