Foggy, Dream-like Visions by Martin Vlach

Martin Vlach - people looking at the sky, shark
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Martin Vlach is a conceptual photographer who adds elements of dreamy surrealism to his black-and-white digital photography. There is a feeling of mystery, grief, and curiosity that pervades his work. Like lonely revenants, people stand stiffly in fog-choked fields, their backs to the camera, seeming to hover on the edge between this world and the next. Above them, whales swim eerily through the fog, and in other images, people plummet from the sky, as if dropped into purgatory. The haziness and ambiguity of Vlach’s images create a world within which the viewer can distill their strongest emotions into moments of profound contemplation.

Martin Vlach - figure on roof, whale in sky Martin Vlach - foggy field Martin Vlach - falling
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Martin Vlach - figure looking into fog Martin Vlach - whale in sky Martin Vlach - two people falling Martin Vlach - figure looking into fog, whale tail
Images © Martin Vlach

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