Category: Geometric

Identity in the Raw: Paintings by John Reuss

The Denmark-based artist John Reuss paints abstractions of the face and body that explore alienation and the chaos of subjectivity. He works intuitively, merging consciousness with unconsciousness, building layers of paint, getting lost, reclaiming the image, and adding the finishing details with highlights and shading. The rawness of his process reveals the myth of inner […]

Patterns of Sorrow in the Photography of Misha Gordin

Misha Gordin is a conceptual photographer born in Latvia during the Soviet occupation. Over the course of several decades, Gordin has produced stunning images using shadows, shapes, and crowds, distilling the gamut of human experience into a single, piercing moment. Recurring themes include fear and alienation, resistance and collapse, the struggle for identity in a […]

Origami and Mathematics Go Hand and Hand: The Paper Sculptures of Robby Kraft

Origami grandmaster Akira Yoshizawa has led the way for paper artists by turning this craft into a solid art form. Many newcomers have been inspired by his pioneering creations, such as American artist and engineer Robby Kraft who uses the wet-folding technique (invented by Yoshizawa) to give a more realistic, sculptural feel to his animal […]

The Mystical Masks and Other Worlds of Léonard Condemine

Note: Contains nudity. Léonard Condemine is a French mixed-media artist interested in identity formation and alienation. Since 2010, he has been crafting cryptic masks, decorating them with feathers, mirror shards, and painted geometric shapes. Each mask is contextualized in his ethereal photographs, which show the masked figures worshipping unseen gods under star-strewn skies and in […]

10 Expert Biomechanical Tattoo Artists

In the late 70s, Ridley Scott collaborated with Swiss artist H.R. Giger to design the creatures in his internationally acclaimed sci-fi horror film, “Alien.” Giger’s art became so popular that it inspired generations of artists, and impacted a surrealistic style of tattoo art. Fusing machines with living organisms, biomechanical tattoos have developed over the decades, […]

Striking Geometric Blackwork by Tomas Tomas

Often tattooing full sleeves and body suits, Tomas Tomas’ neo-tribal art is for clients who know precisely what they want. Those looking for low-contrast white tattoos can visit this page, because Tomas is all about bold blackwork that combines abstract geometric patterns sometimes with op art. A few of his designs include motion illusion effects, […]

5 Amazing Op Artists

Known throughout the world by its shorthand form, Op Art, Optical Art is an art movement which has its roots in older art periods during the 20th century, including Cubism and Dada. It flourished in the 1960s with wonderful artists like Bridget Riley and Jesús Rafael Soto who put their own unique stamp on the practise. They […]

Perspective Illusions Painted and Taped by Fanette G.

Last year, I had published some photos of Fanette G.’s anamorphic paintings in abandoned buildings, and since then, she has been working on a new series titled “Regenerate14” (view the top 3 images of this post). “I decided to take a step forward and teamed up with a graphic designer friend to work on an […]

Rainbow Chem Trails

The weather is getting warmer and the flowers are in bloom. Summer is truly just around the corner, which is the perfect season to appreciate the geometric, multi-colourful works of American graffiti artist, Maya Hayuk. Her recent series “Chem Trails” features her distinct bright colour palette and symmetrical line work to stunning effect. Part psychedelic, part […]