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The Mystical Masks and Other Worlds of LĂ©onard Condemine

Leonard Condemine - masked figure under night sky

Note: Contains nudity.

Léonard Condemine is a French mixed-media artist interested in identity formation and alienation. Since 2010, he has been crafting cryptic masks, decorating them with feathers, mirror shards, and painted geometric shapes. Each mask is contextualized in his ethereal photographs, which show the masked figures worshipping unseen gods under star-strewn skies and in dark forests. In the last series of photos, shot in November, Condemine and his brother posed nude with their respective masks and remained unrecognized by even their closest friends. None of the images have been digitally manipulated, which means Condemine’s works transcend dreams and eclipse identity all with their own power.

Leonard Condemine - iridescent masked figure in the grass

green mask with horns, by Leonard Condemine

Leonard Condemine - masked figure in forest

Leonard Condemine - masked figures around fire

Leonard Condemine - black and white photograph of two nude men

Leonard Condemine - two masked figures hiding between rocks

Leonard Condemine - man wearing mask standing in water

Images © Léonard Condemine