Patterns of Sorrow in the Photography of Misha Gordin

Misha Gordin - screaming face among bald heads
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Misha Gordin is a conceptual photographer born in Latvia during the Soviet occupation. Over the course of several decades, Gordin has produced stunning images using shadows, shapes, and crowds, distilling the gamut of human experience into a single, piercing moment. Recurring themes include fear and alienation, resistance and collapse, the struggle for identity in a world of oppressive conformity. Through symmetry and repetition, Gordin’s images turn the body into a poetic monument that silently acknowledges and protests the erasure of the individual.

Misha Gordin - crowd with swirl patterns on heads and backs
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Misha Gordin - crowd on stairs with geometric patterns Misha Gordin - crouching figures in box frames on stairs Misha Gordin - masked crowd Misha Gordin - crowd of bottles with flowers
Images © Misha Gordin
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